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Course Marshal: Course marshals are vital to make the race happen! As a marshal, you will be given a designated location to direct the runners/walkers in the right direction. You will also provide general event information (for example, if participants are nearing the end of the race). You are not to direct traffic but it may be necessary to advise motorists of road closures and ensure that runners are staying in the proper lane. You do not need to be 18+ to be a road marshal but if you are under 18, you will be placed in a quieter area. Feel free to bring a lawn chair to sit on. Be prepared to be outdoors for an extended period of time.


Water Station Attendant: You are placed at a given water station. Your job is to fill up cups and pass out water to participants in need. Be prepared to be outdoors for an extended period of time.


Food Preparation: Under the leadership of the Food Coordinator, you will help to prepare food for the participants and set food out. You will help at the end with the clean-up and ensure the food preparation areas are left as clean as when you first started. This job requires being on your feet for a few hours at a time and working with others.


Baggage Check: Race participants may choose to bring a bag of personal items to the event. Your job is to check in their bags and attend to the station until the event is done. Feel free to bring a book to read or something to do while you wait. This is a quieter job that will take a few hours.


Lead and End Cyclist: The lead cyclist will be biking just ahead of the lead runner to ensure they are following the course map correctly. The end cyclist will stay behind the final participant and will let course marshals know that no one else is coming (and the marshals are now free to go). Be prepared to ride in any sorts of conditions.

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